I'm Eric Gilbert, an assistant professor in Georgia Tech's School of Interactive Computing. I joined Tech in 2011, after my PhD at Illinois with the brilliant Karrie Karahalios.

I work on social computing, and probably most of what you want to know is over on the comp.social lab site. I spend a lot of time writing papers; I'm very grateful to Yahoo!, Google, the NSF & DARPA for letting me do that. My lab also likes building experimental web systems, like couplet, courteously and link different. When the Tech press office helps me, sometimes folks in the press write about my work.

I primarily hang out these days over on Twitter, Rdio and IRC. My local BBS has shut down. Get me on email either at my personal or work address.

This page is adapted from Naz Hamid's GPL'd repo. Flickr's oliverd distributes the lovely lamp-in-pub photo under a Creative Commons license.