I'm an Assistant Professor in Georgia Tech's School of Interactive Computing. I joined Tech in 2011, after a PhD at Illinois with (the totally brilliant) Karrie Karahalios.

I'm broadly interested in social computing (the social uses of the internet), and probably most of what you want to know is on the comp.social lab site. In addition to mixed-method studies, my lab works on experimental social systems, such as Link Different and piggyback prototypes. I spend a lot of time writing papers; thanks to Yahoo! (RIP Labs), Google, Facebook, Samsung, Yik Yak, the NSF, ARL & DARPA for letting me do that.

Recently, I served as one of the program co-chairs for ICWSM 2016, and was awarded an NSF CAREER. I'm also a Teach For America alum (Chicago, 2002–2004). I primarily hang out these days over on Twitter and IRC. You can email me at my work address or my personal address.

* this page is adapted from naz Hamid's GPL'd repo.